Hello, everyone!
My name is Maria Pavlidou . As I have never had the experience of any online courses before I have felt quite uncertain about how to deal with wiki pages and all that. Perhaps that’s why it has taken me so long trying to familiarize myself with the content and the pre session requirements. I hope I will get things right this time and manage to give a delayed introduction of myself to the group.

Q. 1. I have been teaching English as a Foreign Language to students between 15 - 18 years of age from Low Intermediate to Upper Intermediate level at the Lyceum Acropolis in Nicosia, Cyprus for just over twenty years now.

Q. 2. My students would be expected to find new interest in their learning experience if they were given the challenge to participate in or produce their own video projects and share them with students via the internet. So far, we have only shared watching DVDs and Videos borrowed from other sources and brought in class for the purposes of the lesson.

Q. 3. The idea of video production for use in the classroom has always attracted me. Prior to my registration in the video course I spent hours and hours searching the net for appropriate sites and material to use in my teaching because I have always thought very highly of the positive effect this might have on my students’ performance. However, the uncertainty of how to make good use of the video tools on the web I had come across was the main reason why I hesitated in further exploiting these possibilities. So, I was impressed to read to which extend other colleagues have used video projects with their students and the numerous useful links included in their messages some of which I have visited already.

Q. 4. I have read articles on using the video in the classroom but I don’t recall reading specific literature on video production. I would appreciate any assistance and guidance offered during this online course on video production even though I still feel quite insecure as to some technical terms that might need to be used. Nevertheless, I am absolutely convinced that it will be well worth the trouble to try and overcome my illiteracy in technological terms, so friends and relatives will have to bear with me when I will be asking for support and assistance.

Q.5. Regarding subjects and topics I’d like to learn more about during the session I would certainly consider good lesson planning guidelines and integration techniques essential for the various stages of the video-based learning and monitoring of the students’ work as well.