Week of Feb. 12 - 18
Project Ideas:
I do a lot with project-based learning that involves reading, internet research, writing - all culminating in an oral presentation. In the past students have usually made their presentations using PowerPoint, but I can see now that many of the presentations could be more effective and interesting with the use of video.

Here are just a few examples (I won't provide full lesson plans, but I would be willing to share lesson materials if anyone is interested; just e-mail me):
Life Changes: Students compare their lives in their native countries with their lives now, using "used to ... but now" and present perfect (I have past participle ...)
Urban Development Project: In teams, students proposed use for an empty lot next to our school.
Simple Self Introduction Presentations
Small Business Project:
In teams, students propose a new business.
About My Job: Students tell about their work (location, duties, tools, equipment, etc.)

Week of Feb. 5 - 11

I love the commercial idea. The addition/change I would make it to add some grammar instruction pre-project and require certain forms be used correctly (in this case, comparative and superlative adjectives lend themselves to this content). My students are hungry for grammar (which is ho-hum to teach) and too easily can conjugate/fill in spaces, etc. They need opportunities to practice and use the grammar they learn. This project would be a fun way to do that.

I also like the personal narrative idea. A similar project my students did was abotu their "Life Changes." For the language instruction, I taught "used to" for describing past conditions especially when they differ from the present. It was motivating for the students to see how much their lives had changed and how they had accomplished some of their goals and dream.


Teachable Moment

I was unable to check out a digital videocam from my college Media Services dept., and I'm waiting for my tax return to buy my own equipment, so here is my amateur "video" even though it does not fulfill the requirement of this assignment. (I wanted to participate anyway). This story is about an embarrassing experinece I had while teaching English as a Second Language to adults in Southern California. For them, it was a memorable learning (?) experience.

My Work:

VESL Projects -- My litttle website where I have some of the projects students in my Vocational ESL class have worked on in the past few years

Where I have posted some of students’ “videos” made for the "What if ... My Fantasy" project, made with still shots, MovieMaker, and Audacity:
Also on YouTube:
Jose’s movie
Cristobal’s movie
My sample movie

My podcasting page (haven’t done a lot with it yet, but plan to have students post podcasts about their “American Dream”)