Howdy: My my name is Bernardo Hernández-Márquez Bolio. I've been an ESL teacher since 1971, (you're right Elderbob). I hold a Master's degree in Applied Linguistics, a Licenciatura in Latin American Literature, a Major in Psychology, a Minor in Anthropology and I'm a Phd. candidate in Hispanic Linguistics. I've taught Jr. High, Sr. High, College, University and now I'm leaning towards ESL in private transnational businesses (this globalization issue comes handy at times). My main teaching concern has always been languages (particularly Spanish and English). I'm also the webmaster of where you could register and see some of the videos I've done for teaching purposes. The most recent ones are concerned with Language and Voting by Mexican Migrants into the US. This is a series of 14 videos uploaded on . My vlog channel is:

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I also have some videos related with "SUSPENDED ACTION" which is a sort of literary resource tested out in language teaching. To be able to see these videos, you need to create an account on, whereby writing a Username and a personal Password you'll be able to access, however, you should wait for my confirmation message before going in.