Simple Explanation of Canadian Copyright Laws
http://www.cmec. ca/else/copyrigh t/matters/ CopyrightMatters .pdf

Comparison between US and Canadian Copyright Laws Copyright/ pressconference/ CanadaUSCopyrigh tComparison.pdf

There is also a short news item on the CBC website saying that the law will be further tightened next month.
http://www.cbc. ca/technology/ story/2007/ 01/11/copyright- canada.html

US Copyright Office

Circular 21: Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and
http://www.copyrigh circ21.pdf

Digital Millennium Copyright Act
http://www.copyrigh n/dmca.pdf

http://www.copyrigh dist_learning. htm

Another useful site, with a special focus on multimedia

A good introductory site on copyright in the US and Japan
http://derrel. net/exp/copyrigh t/copyright. htm

Copyright law of Japan (in Japanese)
http://www.cric. html

Copyright law of Japan (in English)
http://www.cric. e/clj/clj. html

Handbrake (Mac only)

Cinematization (PC and Mac)
http://www.miraizon .com/products/ products. html

On the legal issue involved in using these tools, you may wish to
read the following sources (you will need to scroll a bit)

http://www.macworld .com/weblogs/ macgems/2006/ 01/handbrakelite /index.php

http://www.indezine .com/blog/ 2006_10_01_ archive.html