1. My teaching context

I have been teaching EFL at the Franco-Brazilian secondary school in Sao Paulo. My students are mostly teenagers (from 13 to 19) and come from bilingual (sometimes trilingual) families so English is a third language for them.

2. How my students would respond to a class video project

There are some groups who are very much interested in creating and producing videos.Unfortunately creative expression and production is not very much a priority at the school I teach at and time is short for students as they have a double curriculum (French and Brazilian)

3. My previous experience with class video projects

I first used traditional video in 1998 to show our e-mailing correspondents what our city, school and kids looked like. They also rehearsed a fashion show, which we recorded.

I have also used videos to record oral work, individual and peer review
See rubrics and description at: http://members.tripod.com/the_english_dept/docfiles/rubrics1les.doc

and recorded televised ads they produced and starred for a unit on Advertising and Media.

Last year when I went to NZ, they produced some videos on Windows Movie Maker using photos, sound and effects on the city so I could show them around. They have posted them to YouTube.

4. My experience with digital video

I have a digital still camera that records video and audio pretty well. I have just bought an Apple so I have iMovie, iPhoto, GarageBand and iDVD but have not used them yet. I have used Windows Movie Maker for a Personal Narrative http://beewebhead.net/archives/category/personal-experience/
Vimeo :http://beewebhead.net/index.php?s=vimeo&x=36&y=9

5. My use of video production literature

I have put up a page with links to flash videos(flash activism) and ads and prepared exercises to accompany them. You can find them here
See Naomi Klein video, Apple Adventure and The Meatrix and Store Wars

Good resource on video publishing online:

6. Subjects and topics I'd like to learn more about during this session

Ideas and how to better use scripting and editing + jargon that goes with it.