Week 2: Jan. 22 – Jan. 28

i. Materials
ii. Activities
iii. Benchmarks


CurrentTV.com offers an excellent series of tutorials (in flash and .pdf format) called "producer training." These are GREAT. Please check these out, download the pdfs where possible and send the group your thoughts, feedback. If you know of other video production websites with helpful info, please add the link to our wiki's LINKS page and tell the group about it. Thanks!!
This one's on broadband video in general. http://www.currenttv.com/make/training?section=broadband

This one's about camera and sound equipment. http://www.currenttv.com/make/training?section=gear

This one, shooting guide, covers legal stuff, lighting, camera movement, sound, and composition. http://www.currenttv.com/make/training?section=shooting

This one's about editing. http://www.currenttv.com/make/training?section=editing

The Daily English Show is an internet show for people who are learning English. In this episode, Sarah Lilburn talks about what you need to make The Daily English Show: "time, energy, ideas, a computer, editing software, internet access, a camera." You can find the transcript for this episode here: http://thedailyenglishshow.blogspot.com/2006_12_09_archive.html

Windows Movie Maker 2: You can download the tutorial and other helpful info from the page linked below.

Apple iMovie: You can watch the tutorial movie on the page linked below. (Click "Play the movie" on page 2.)
Tutorial: {{http://www.apple.com/support/imovie/tutorial/index.htm}}

Kids' Vid: Video Production for Students
Kids'Vid is an instructional website to help teachers and students use video production in class to support project-based learning. They provideo resources for Scripting, Shooting, Editing and more.

Jamendo: 16915 tracks from talented artists, for free!
  • On jamendo, artists allow everyone to download and share their music. It's free, legal and unlimited. http://www.jamendo.com/en/
  • NOTE: One can download single tracks by choosing Export playlist to Podcast in the jamendo player, right clicking on the track one wants (on a Mac it should be CTRL Click) and the mp3 file file to one's computer. > (You only need to use BitTorent or eMule if you want to download a entire album.) > > ||


1. Write to the group your comments about and impressions of this week’s materials. Please include in your post any links to other resources that you have found helpful.

2. Working alone or with some friends, create a short (1-2min) personal narrative or documentary style video and share it with the group. Actually, your video can be anything -- the goal of the exercise is to work through the technical process presented in this week’s materials. Focus on the process: plan, shoot, capture, edit (try to make at least 7 edits), export, and upload to YouTube, Revver, Google, etc..
Your video should be simple and short and share something about the place where you are.
Once you’ve upload your video to the web, post either your video or the link to you video to your wiki page and invite the group to watch it.
Have fun! We look forward to seeing your work!
Contact moderators for any help or advice with editing and/or uploading to the web.
Note: Please post your links no later than the end of week 3 (Feb. 4th).

I have . . .
  • viewed this week’s materials and written to the group.
  • made my video that shares a bit of the culture and place where I live and have uploaded it to the web and added the link to my wiki page (please post links no later than end of week 3, (Feb. 4th).