Week 3: Jan. 29 – Feb. 4

i. Materials
ii. Activities
iii. Benchmarks

* Short Narrative Contributed by Elisabeth Gareis.

1. Go over the material of this week and write to the group:
  • Think of a class you've recently taught - which project would have worked best for them? Why?
* In what ways (if any) would you need to modify the schedule of this production to fit your class? In other words, what changes would you make to the project based on time, equipment, class’ size, skill level, age, and the number of times your class meets per week?
  • How would you intitiate the creative process?
  • ..... other thoughts?

2. If you haven’t already, please upload your video to the web and post the link on your wiki page.

3. Watch the videos made by our group members and offer feedback.


I have . . .
  • viewed this week’s materials and written to the group.
  • made my video that shares a bit of the culture and place where I live and have uploaded it to the web and linked it to my wiki page.