Week 1: Jan. 15 – Jan. 21

i. Materials
ii. Activities
iii. Benchmarks


1. Introduce yourself to our EVO group of teachers and trainers by sending an email message to EVOvideo07 at yahoogroups.com. Tell us a little about:
  • Where you teach, and what level and age group you’re teaching
  • What your students would like about class-video projects
  • Your past experiences with video and/or class-video projects (include links to examples if possible)
  • Any video production literature you might be using
  • Some of subjects and topics you'd like to learn more about during this session

2. Upload your photo to the PHOTOS area of our Wiki.

3. Configure your Yahoo Group and Yahoo Email Account settings. Set your options in our Yahoo Group to receive individual messages or to get a daily digest, so you'll know what others have written. To do that, click on Edit My Membership on the top right of our YG front page. Under Message Delivery, check either Individual Emails or Daily Digest. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen. You may also want to configure your Yahoo Account so that all email from our group goes to one folder – THIS IS EASY TO DO AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Click here for the online tutorial: "How to sort your incoming mail automatically into designated folders," by Ibrahim Rustamov.

4. Create your own wiki page and link it to the side bar under "Participant Pages." Here's how:

5. Complete any unfinished Pre-Session activities.

I have . . .
  • introduced myself
  • uploaded a photo
  • set my email preferences / configured my yahoo account
  • created my wiki page
  • read the article, "A Word from a Techie"
  • read Netiquette and taken the self-test
  • completed the Needs Assessment Survey