Hello, I'm Isabel Lopes. Here is some information about me.

1. Teaching context
I teach English (and German, when students' interest permits) at Escola Secundária Fernão Mendes Pinto, in Almada, Portugal. This is a secondary school with day and evening classes. I usually get students between 12 and 18 years old, i.e. from low-intermediate to upper-intermediate level of English. My classes can have 25 to 28 students.

2. Students' response to a class video project
The class I have chosen to work with for this online workshop are always willing to experiment with new and different things. So, I think they will be genuinely motivated to develop a project with video and eventually use what they learn in other projects. As some of them are used to experimenting with their families' video equipment, I will also learn something from them.
I am doubtful about their cooperation or their families' when it comes to publishing things online. I will probably have to work out some strategy to avoid this problem. Or maybe it won't be a problem to them.

3. Previous experience with class video projects
I have no experience with class video projects. Due to the usual last minute difficulties to use video material in class, I usually direct my students to online material, which they use to perform tasks.

4. My experience with digital video
I know there are two digital video cameras at my school, whose access is restricted to experienced video users. I do not own a camera, probably because until recently I hadn't realised how valuable a tool it could be for teaching and learning.

5. Personal use of video production literature
I've read a few things about video production for teaching and learning purposes on a number of websites and in articles from teachers' development magazines. This has raised my interest in trying it with my classes and that's one of the reasons for enrolling in this workshop.

6. Subjects and topics of personal interest during this session
As I am completely new at this video production thing, I cannot say which topics or subjects interest me. I expect this session to be very practical and to provide the necessary tools to enable students to produce their own videos with much assistance from me.