Week 3 >> TV Commercial

Title: TV Commercial project
Description: Create a 30-60 second TV commercial and present it to the class
Level: low-Intermediate to advanced
Contributed by: Aiden Yeh

Examples: Click the images to view the commercials on Aiden's blog: http://english-ad.blogspot.com

Materials and technology:
  • TV with VHS / DVD player
  • Examples of Scripts (with camera instructions) /Storyboards
  • DV Camera / Computer with editing software

  • Get into groups and pick a product.
  • Develop your script/storyboard with camera instructions (follow the format).
  • Produce your commercial.
  • Edit your commercial.
  • Final product will be presented in class on (date) .

1. Choose one of the following products.
  • Burp Cola (for teens)
  • Ooh la la Deodorant (for young women)
  • Zit (acne/pimple ointment - for teens)

2. Brainstorm three or four ideas for a 30 second commercial for this product. Choose one and develop the script / storyboard.
3. Produce your commercial.
4. Edit your commercial.
5. Present your commercial to the class: Discuss how your television commercial was created. The following points must be covered:
  • Target audience (who is your target audience)
  • Storyline (what is the story of your commercial)
  • Message (what is the message or main selling point of your commercial)
  • how did you go about the production of your commercial
  • models (where did you get them)
  • shooting days (how many days did you shoot, time?)
  • lighting
  • location
  • difficulties encountered (?)
  • editing (how long did it take you)

Many thanks to Aiden Yeh for the use of her lesson and student videos for EVO Video 07 -- Ryan & Nicolas