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Wiki: formating
1. When editing a page - click on the tv icon to embed a video tag.
2. When editing a page - click on the table icon to insert a table.



2. If you're editing to music, try cutting on a beat - so that the edit happens on a beat rather than just before or just after...
1. When editing, save often. It's frustrating to loose your work to a computer crash or freeze. Try to get into the habit of using the keyboard sortcuts (command+S on a Mac). Also, when you come to a place with your edit that you feel comfortable with, save a copy of the project (different name) so that as you move forward, you can easily go back "to the way it was."

1. I used both Ulead and Windows Movie Maker, but I prefer the later as it's more user-friendly. Ulead is great for professional work, but I find Movie Maker much more easier to manage with students. -- Lahcen