Week 6

**My Hometown Video RE-EDIT**
I've made some minor edits (moved people's names lower on screen and added an end page). I would like to make a few more edits, but would need to do more filming, which is not possible this week.

Week 5

Rubric for My Hometown Oral Presentations
This is a rubric I use in my Listening and Speaking class. I have adapted it from the original, which was in an article in NYS TESOL's "Idiom." I can't remember the name of the author -but I thank him for it since I've found it useful for evaluating students' oral presentations. I adapt to the requirements of a given assignment

Video Project - My Hometown
My Hometown 1

My Hometown Lesson Plan Draft (click on title)

Hi everyone. This is a working draft of the lesson plan to accompany my video project - My Hometown. I had trouble with some of the formatting so apologize if it's difficult to dicipher where there is a table inserted. My video will be uploaded and then on this wiki by 1/30/07. I welcome all feedback. Please post to my discussion tab.


Hi everyone. My name is Sue Peterson and I am an ESL teacher and coordinator in the Academic Intensive English Language Program at Baruch College, City University of New York. I have been teaching ESL for fourteen years and my students are either planning to enter an American university or need English for professional purposes. I have taught all levels and skills and have an MA in TESOL from Hunter College, CUNY.

Interest in the Class
Last year I participated in EVO's "Creating WebQuests" class and had a tremendous experience developing my own WebQuest. Since then, I have been looking for more ways to incorporate technology into my classroom. This fall I started using video clips from various sites in my listening and speaking class but felt there must be more out there and so wanted to take this class. Well, just from reading everyone's introductions and the pre-session literature my folder is full of great resources. Secondly, and much more demanding, I'm interested in learning how to help my students produce their own videos.

Experience With Video Projects
First, I have very limited experience, which means I've pointed our school's video cam and pressed record and then popped the cassette into the VCR and pressed play.

I used to tape a project my students did called "The Press Conference." They would enact a press conference,write the script and then videotape the news broadcast. My students enjoyed and benefited from this activity. Now I'd like to develop new ways for them to utilize video to increase their English skills. Along these lines I'd also like to be able to create a video site for and by our students.

Finally, from this class I hope to learn the jargon and basics in creating video clips.