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Week 2 activity: Alta Plaza & Fillmore St: San Francisco 01/23/07 .. a short documentary profile of this area .. edits and camera movement: In the first edit, the man on the bicycle is roughly in the same place in frame as the prominant tree trunk of the following shot. From shot to shot, our attention remains in the same part of the frame. You can see this idea of 'position' demonstrated in several edits. I used a tripod for the slow pan of the playground and rooftops. I also used the tripod to steady the camera for a shot of the Golden Gate Bridge, and for a shot of a street corner several blocks away.

  • Movie Maker 2 Notes~Tutorial: http://evovideo07.wikispaces.com/25+step+WMM+tutorial
  • Jamendo.com Notes: You don't have to register to download music. Once you click a tag and list of songs pops up, use the Play/Pause controller to scroll through the list of songs. All in all, using jamendo.com took more time than I thought it would, but the end result was positive. It was time consuming because I listened to so many songs before finally choosing one. Also, I didn't expect that I'd have to download and installing BitTorrent or eMule. Actually, downloading and installing BitTorrent was quick and easy, but using it to download an album took about 1 hour. I also had questions as to whether or not my comptuter would now be sharing files with other computers. I looked into it and am no longer concerned. See: http://www.dessent.net/btfaq/#seeding for more info about BitTorrent. NOTE: Sergio has pointed out that you DO NOT need BitTorent or eMule to download a single track. Great! That should save some time. Here is what he found: "One can download
    single tracks by choosing Export playlist to Podcast in the jamendo player, right clicking on the track one wants (on a Mac it should be
    CTRL Click) and the mp3 file file to one's computer." Thanks Sergio!
  • YouTube.com Notes: Straightforward and easy to use. Uploading a 56MB video to YouTube over a cable modem took about ten or twelve minutes.

Hi All, it's me, Ryan - Co-mod with Nicolas of EVO Video 07. In putting this wiki together, I thought we could log our ideas & build our lesson plans with these pages. I therefore went ahead and put together an intro activity (see below) that I might use to introduce the TV Commercial project. That was the example I was trying to set, but now that we are getting closer to the start of the session, and especially after seeing some of the other participant pages, I see that more personal info is a plus. Please do make a page and feel free to add anything you'd like to it. About commenting on pages.. you may or may not want people to comment directly on your wiki page. Maybe state your preference somewhere on your page? You can comment anywhere on mine - or use the discussion tab-feature (above) to leave comments or feedback. By the end of the session your page should include the video that you make in Week 2, and the lesson plan that you'll use with your class. You'll have to customize a plan (see Week 3) to fit your class' needs and schedule - and doing so on your wiki page might help other participants with their own planning. See what I mean? Many thanks to Aiden, Roger, Cora, Nicolas and Elisabeth for contributing to this session the video production lesson plans that they use with their students. I hope we can use them as starting points for the discussion and planning of our own projects. Personally I have never been apart of a group of educators who all are interested in class-video production and I'm excited to see where this goes. Let me know if you have any ideas for improving this wiki. -- Ryan PS The wiki will stay online for several weeks after the session ends, so even if there are 70+ participant pages each containing a video and lesson plan, we will all have time to look everything over and provide feedback (also, see Week 6).

Ideas/work in progress.. www.eslvideo.com
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TV Commercial Project: Intro Activity
Materials: TV / VHS player, VHS tape with a couple commercials.
Procedure: Watch a commercial a couple times and discuss the following.
  • What brand is represented by the commercial?
  • What are the brand’s attributes -- fun, easy-to-use, effective, affordable, sophisticated?
  • Does the commercial have voice over? If so, what is the tone like -- authoritative, friendly, matter of fact?
  • If this brand were a person, how would you describe the person -- young, relaxed, athletic, sexy, party animal, businesswoman, doctor, teacher, stylish?
  • If this brand were a celebrity, who would it be?
  • If this brand were a car, what kind of car would it be?
  • Who is this commercial talking to? In other words, who is the target audience?
  • What is the commercial saying - or -What is the overall message of the commercial?
  • Is the commercial working? Do you think the target audience believes the message of the commercial?