Pre-Session (before Jan. 15)

i. Activities
*Getting Started*
1. Read the article "Video Online" by Elizabeth Hanson-Smith and Mike Marzio.
2. Quickly complete the Needs Assessment Survey.
3. Read the Netiquette document and take the self-quiz. (There are two links to the quiz... the second seems to work better.)
4. Create your own wiki page and link it to the side bar under "Participant Pages." Here's how:

5. Please go ahead and look over everything that we will cover in this session. There are several resources listed in Week 2... you might want to get an early start with some of that information - and perhaps even the activity of that week.

Username and Password info
Our wiki can be seen by everyone, but only EVO Video 07 participants can edit or create new pages.
Click the "SIGN IN" link in the top right corner of this page and enter the username and password.
Note: the username and password was sent to you in the EVO Video 07 Yahoo Group welcome email. You can also find it here in the FILES section of our YG. (You do need to be logged in to the YG to access the FILES section.)