I’m Leonardo Romero, an EFL instructor based in Bogotá, Colombia. I teach English at Nueva Granada Military University. I’m in charge of beginner and intermediate levels. My students’ ages range from 16 to 24. I’m new to ICTs but I’m willing to learn a lot from you. I’m sure my students are so eager to learn how to take advantage of new technologies to apply them into their daily lives. So, I can create the need for the use of ICTs and offer them the space and a working team for all of us to learn in a collaborative way. I’m positive they would love to be involved in a class-video project in which some aspects of our Colombian culture can be shown and shared worldwide. Last semester my group and I piloted a project in which multimedia (photo, video and audio recordings were to be integrated into a Windows Movie Maker presentation or format). They had to collect data about the past, present and future of our University and narrate our story. The “editing team” is still working on it and I hope we can publish it soon on the web. I have to be honest and tell you that there is no “expert” in my group and that we are relying on common sense to plan, produce, and edit (some of them just have very basic knowledge of flash and other software for animation and video production like Windows Movie Maker). I’m pretty sure being part of this EVO group is going to help us not to continue missing the boat on applying ICTs in the classroom, specifically videos for learning / teaching processes.