EVO Video 07: Student Video Production LINKS page.

(Participants please add to this list)
Be sure to see EVOVideo for more resources and student work.

18. Sergio Mazarelli's student work following on the EVOvideo07 session in 2007:

17. Adobe Premiere Tutorials:

16. Camtasia Studio: Easily record your screen, PowerPoint, multiple audio tracks, and webcam video to create
compelling training videos, screencasts, and presentations without ever leaving your desk.
Free trial download (30 days):

15. A free screen capturing program: Camstudio. You can also add audio and annotations using the same program.
It allows you to export it as AVI or SWF.

14. Movie Maker add ons 3:
"Photo Story 3 complements Movie Maker by letting you pan and zoom using all the pixels in your high resolution still pictures... it's not included in XP or Vista, but is a free download from Microsoft."

13. Movie Maker add ons 2:
For an online tutorial go to WindowsPhotoStory. com:

12. Movie Maker add ons 1:
There's also a low-cost third-party product: "PanZoom Maker 1.1 ($14.00) E2: 99 Pan/Zoom Effects -
Now available! An exclusive new utility for Movie Maker users to create CUSTOM pan/zoom effects EASILY
and VISUALLY! There's no need to edit XML code or other text, or puzzle over coordinates. You size and
drag the frame where you want the pan/zoom effect to start and end -- while viewing YOUR clip to aid the
positioning! "
http://www.pixelan. com/mm/pzmaker. htm

11. Audio_Site_Links

10. Create a Rubric: the site allows you add and delete what you want to assess.. it becomes an adaptation.

9. Copyright_Links

8. The Witness training videos are ideal since human rights issues are in our content-based curriculum. My students voluntarily
blogged about the video on filming techniques.
http://www.witness. org/index. php?option= com_content& task=blogcategor y&id=76&Itemid= 216

7. 1. A short tongue-in-cheek French Maid TV (viral marketing) tutorial on how to make a video podcast, that seems to be most suitable for Mac OS X or Windows users with Firewire videocamera willing to pay for QuickTime Pro software:
http://www.frenchma idtv.com/ pages/episodes_ 2.htm

6. A software program for recording and distributing illustrated lectures as podcasts:
Profcast:http://www.profcast .com/
example: http://web.mac. com/profcast/ iWeb/ProfCast/ Podcast/93DB8610 -79FC-49EB- 8954-127A93309E4 A.html

5. Links to flash videos(flash activism) and ads and prepared exercises to accompany them.
See Naomi Klein video, Apple Adventure and The Meatrix and Store Wars

4. A page on digital film making with some lesson plans

3. Lesson plans and activities based on a series of travel-documentry videos produced by Nicolas Gromik.

2. Good resource on video publishing online:

1. Links to articles/study results concerning the pro, cons and uses of video in teaching:
  • Online article: "Video Online" by Elizabeth Hanson-Smith and Mike Marzio.