Hello, my name is Juan Luis Sánchez. I live in Mérida, Spain. It is the capital city of Extremadura, of Roman origin, and still has beautiful monuments. I like walking by the river Guadiana, alone or with friends. I also like good food, good wine and good company.
I`ve been teaching foreign languages for the past 15 years: English, Spanish, French and now Portuguese. I`ve worked with teenagers, now with adults, in different parts of Andaluzia and Extremadura, and abroad, in Munich.
I like learning about and working with new technologies. I like meeting and collaborating with new people, too.
I am very happy to participate in this course.
Hasta pronto. Un abrazo.

Weeks 1, 2, and 3
I've read all the materials presented. Nice. I am bit surprised as to the worries about legal issues. I really enjoyed. Simple, and funny.
I took it easy about my video and, finally, on top of the dateline, here it is:

Yes, one of my first videos, and my first video ever in the web. Any comments are welcome. The link to the video is:
I have a minidv digital Sony videocamera, no external micro or lights, and I use windows movie maker. The setting is Mérida, and some bridges are of course Roman.

As to lesson plans, I haven't decided yet. I intend to create, from now on, I hope, two kinds of videos:
Firstly, real-like roleplays, and documentaries-short narratives: it will be me filming people outside the classroom, native speakers in Portugal (only a few km away form my school in Spain) speaking the language, Portuguese, which is what I teach now, and showing them later in the classroom: eg people talking about an issue or interacting with me in a hotel, in a station, etc. I guess there may be some resistance, but...
Secondly, short narratives, a whole academic year project, involving students, adults in my case. By the end of the year, students comment on their educational journey, mixing real and imaginary content, and creating a funny whole. I mean, only a group video per group and academic year.
For me, video can only be a means, not a goal.
I am thinking of embedding personal videos, of my own, about Portugal in my blog, That could be another point. I have to learn how to do it, or to choose vblogs, podcasts, dont know.