nik.JPGCurrently works at Tohoku University, Sendai in the north of Japan,
I specialises in Computer Assisted Language Learning especially to empower
students to develop their computer skills.
In 2006 I founded to encite language learners to create their own video production.
I believes that students have the knowledge and abilities to express their opinion in the
target language, and video is one of the best tool to encourage them to share their view of their world.
The benefits of video production became a strong reality when I contributed an article in a publication
by Hanson-Smith & Rilling (forthcoming).

As I regularly attend conferences, work takes me to many places in the world. To record and
share my experiences in different countries, I set up nag_productions. I also like to experiments with blogs.
My latest project is to design and deliver free online English and culture learning textbooks which include
videos and was based on my belief that Tokyo is over-rated and I want everyone to visit the outback of Japan,
where life is painted in colors of joy, ceremonies and festivities.
Finally I am starting a PhD through Waikato University, where I hopes to become better acquainted with
Mr. Vygotsky and Sociocultural Theory.

How it all started?
Through an animation design site. I took a class of Japanese Senior High School students to play with
it and we had a great time. Then, I began my work in Sendai and started to investigate video production. Working with
various departments, video production became interesting and the outcome can be seen at my university website.

What do I teach now?
Teaching a class of 20 EFL low-intermediate students to produce films can be time consuming, so I have decided
teach video production to Advanced Learners of English; a much smaller group of learners who's English ability
is excellent and fun to work with. After 2 years of teaching them we have a little blog where visitors can enjoy the
students experience of Sendai.

What equipment do I use?
Nothing spectacular. A very basic Sony digital video camera, a 4year old Sony desktop with only 90GB of HD,
but recently got a 2GB upgrade of RAM. I have access to two digital video cameras and the students have to
learn to share them.

Word of advice?
Film editing is time consuming! so make sure to have your favorite CD playing, a hot cup of tea or coffee,
and noone around to distract you. Enjoy the creativity. That is why I love editing films, just so creative.
The best part? as you can see the students are just as creative, so the rewards are there to see.

Hoping the surf is good in Hamilton!
Warm regards for the year ahead,