Media Studies: 5 minute Mini-Documentary Project.

Create a 5 minute mini-documentary for online delivery.
Level: Intermediate to advanced
Contributed by: K and Nicolas

The video presented here was produced by a Japanese student. The videographer is
an advanced student of English as Foreign Language.

Materials and technology:
  • Real environment - authentic socio-historical artifacts
  • Student-designed storyboard and script.
  • DV Camera / Computer with editing software

  • The class had an odd number of participants. K worked by herself with some teacher assistance.
  • Develop your script/storyboard.
  • Film various segments, collect appropriate music and pictures.
  • Edit your documentary.
  • Final product uploaded for online viewing.

1. Choose one of the following focus.
  • Interesting city event
  • Products made citizens living in the city or prefecture
  • Interesting history
  • Interesting buildings

2. Develop the script and storyboard, discuss with teacher before proceeding to filming stage.
3. Film.
4. Edit film.
5. Present edited film to teacher.